Future Plans

Future Plans I would like to address some rumors that have been circulating in the high school and, I’m sure, in
the community regarding the future of our school district. As a district, we are continuing to
investigate different scenarios for reducing expenditures in the future. These scenarios include
closing one building and moving to one K-12 campus and sharing students and/or staff with other districts.

We are being methodical in examining these options in order to make the best long-term decision for
our students and district. We are examining cost savings for several different scenarios; we have
independent committees reviewing each building to determine pros/cons of having each house our
K-12 students; and we are having discussions with neighboring districts about the possibility of
sharing activities, staff, and students. We do not want to make a knee-jerk decision but, rather,
collect as much data as possible to make the best decision possible.

I have been sharing informati…

4 Point Grading Scale

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, CCE will be implementing a four-point grading scale in grades K-12. Students will still receive letter grades - 4 points = A, 3 points = B, 2 points = C, 1 point = D, 0 points = F - just as they always have. The primary difference is that students will be graded using a four-point scale rather than the commonly used 100 point-scale.

Reasons for the change are manifold.

First, the four-point scale eliminates the unfair discrepancy between a student who doesn't do an assignment (usually a zero) and the student who demonstrates little or no competency on an assignment (say 60%) - up to 60 points difference!

Second, the four-point scale removes more of the subjectivity of grading. In multiple studies across thousands of teachers (the same activity was done with our teachers), teachers were given multiple scores for a fictitious student (see below) and asked to use their grading system to determine the student's final grade. The final grade…

2018 Community Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the Community Survey. Survey results may be reviewed here. The information gleaned from the survey will assist our district in making CCE the school of choice for parents and students in Northwest Iowa.

The message was clear - respondents want CCE to continue educating our youth. All of our teachers are endorsed in the areas they are teaching! Dissolution was, far and away, the last choice for respondents. Our students feel safe in our schools. That said, we want to do everything in our power to provide the best education for our students.

Steps that we are implementing immediately include expanding the FFA program. Our new Spanish teacher, who also has an Ag Ed degree, will be teaching the MS Exploratories and two new HS courses, Plant Science and Ag Leadership. We will talk to every parent at registration on July 31 in Everly and August 1 in Royal about text alerts and how to set up alerts within JMC, our school information system, to track their s…